A New Year

Published: 2nd January 2013

A New YearSo, here we are in 2013. So much for the Mayans then. Daft idea but I bet it sold a lot of books.

I'd like to say a big "Thank you" to all the clients who bought or commissioned artwork last year. It made for a very entertaining 12 months. I think I'm enjoying working now more than I've ever done such is the variety of projects that have come along. There are some interesting things in the schedule for this year too.

We've had some people who prefer to purchase artwork by paying in installments and I thought I should say that this perfectly OK. Although we try to keep the prices reasonable, buying a painting can still make a big hole in the old bank account, especially in these economically challenging times. If you want to buy a piece but can't justify the outlay in one go then we, or I should say, Val, will be happy to try and sort something out.