Down Among the Dead Men

Published: 13th January 2013

Down Among the Dead MenI've just uploaded all eight pages of Down Among the Dead Men to the Graphic Novel Gallery. They were painted for Neil Gaiman's story in Zombie Apocalypse; the Fightback, created by Stephen Jones and published in the UK by Robinson, and in the USA by Running Press.
I'm very fond of this story and I'd like the pages to remain as a set, so the price you will see displayed is for all eight pages. At the moment I don't want to sell them separately.
The artwork was made into a very effective animated film which you can see here;
I was surprised to see how well the film turned out, especially considering it had no budget. My friend Charles was surprised too. On seeing the first frames he said " My God; you can draw better than that"
You see the kind of thing I have to deal with.

View the artwork page: