Sale of Original Artwork

Some of the original artwork and preliminary drawings on this site are available for sale. Prices are generally given in UK sterling, US dollars and Euros (although, of course, other currencies are acceptable too).

N.B.These prices do not include the shipping costs, so please contact Les for details of shipping costs and prices in other currencies.

As the prelims are working drawings, some of them are in less than perfect condition and this has been taken into account when pricing. If you need further information regarding any preliminary drawing you may wish to purchase, please contact Les for further information.

Each image on the site states whether an original artwork or preliminary drawing is for sale. If an original artwork states "not available" this usually means Les does not want to sell it - at the moment - or he can’t find it, or he has given it to his wife...

It's quite possible to purchase an original artwork by paying in installments. Just drop me an email if you would like to discuss this.